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Short stories from writers

Perfect picturesque world

Slowly as i opened my eyes i felt a sharp, throbbing pain in my head and some where in the backdrop a beautiful soft melody played in my ears. I think it was la vie en rose, and far away i could hear sound of tinkling bells in sync. I looked at myself, I was dressed in a white satin… Read more →

Saturday Night

It was a Saturday ritual for us — to meet at nine for dinner at my apartment and stay up together till we both fell asleep. Each Saturday evening we laid a circular wooden table with a teacup roses spread, and placed two candles with a Persian blue vase — he never forgot to bring fresh roses for that. He… Read more →

Don’t judge

It was not the first time that i had to speak to a stranger on phone, but this was the kind of talk that went beyond work. It was one of those talks that went on forever. We spoke extensively about our lives when he had called for the first time. He said that he mostly likes to keep himself immersed… Read more →