Shoot, Share, Print – Three Simple Steps To Store Memories Of A Lifetime   

By Prachi Shrivastava Personally, I feel that a visit down the memory lane is one of the most therapeutic activities for me on a dull day. In fact, I know a lot of people who flip through old photo albums to glance through their best memories when they feel lonely – and they always bounce back with positivity.  In today’s… Read more →

Ready For A Mind-Blowing Experience In Your Living Room? Check Out The Q LED TV Series By Samsung

By Prachi Shrivastava Some may call it a lifestyle choice and for some it could be a living room makeover – a TV is no more the idiot box that is meant to be in corner of a room. If you to move ahead of time and create an extraordinary home-viewing experience in your living room, Samsung QLED TV should… Read more →

Va-Va-Voom ! Bid And Take Your Favourite Supercar For A Spin

By Prachi Shrivastava If you have always dreamed about driving a supercar but monetary reasons were a bummer, then here’s some news that will cheer you up. Plan a luxury road trip or get away from the city to discover a new holiday spot in your rented supercar that won’t cost you a bomb! Pick a snazzy Lamborghini Aventador or… Read more →

Unveiling of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+: Samsung’s Next Big Thing

By Prachi Shrivastava The world of technology is all about new launches and smarter features, and any gadget freak would agree that the most-awaited event of this season was the launch of Samsung Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8+ by this massively popular South Korean electronics brand. When we were invited to come witness the grand launch in India on April… Read more →

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