Goofy toons or superheroes, flaunt your mood in style

The year bygone was a year full of surprises and uncertainty. When the lockdown was first announced, there was absolute uncertainty on when things will come back to normal. Thanks to some awesome mood-lifting Indian brands like The Souled Store, Indian millennials now have the option of expressing their moods with comic-inspired clothing without burning a hole in their pockets.

The Souled Store is one of the most user-friendly platforms to pick up warm and stylish clothing for both men and women – why should kids have all the fun, right? With 100+ designs featuring your favourite superheroes to childhood cartoons, binge-worthy TV shows to classic solids, there is a lot to choose from for every comic and anime lover.

When I decided to try some eye-catchy pieces from the winter 2020 collection, I browsed through some of the classic pieces and the latest merch in the knitted sweaters, sweatshirts, hoodies, jackets, sweatshirt dresses, joggers, and socks categories. I was super happy to discover some of my favourite themes like Marvel, DC, FRIENDS, Harry Potter, Looney Tunes, Star Wars, and more on India’s largest e-retail platform that exclusively retails official, licensed merchandise, with 150+ international and national licenses.

Ugly sweaters no more: One of the biggest advantages of buying winter wear on The Souled Store is that you can feel warm and comfy in your favourite sweaters without looking boring. Although, it’s been more than two decades since the release of the first Harry Potter book, but the magic of Potterverse ceases to end. If you still love to relive the childhood nostalgia and step into the magical world of Hogwarts to play your favourite Harry, Ron, and Hermione, then this warm wear collection is for you. From the vivid range of Harry Porter merchandise on the website, I picked the Harry Potter: Slytherin Sigil knitted sweater and since the day of its arrival, I have not stopped feeling like the “chosen one”. The Winter of 2020-21 shall be marked as the “mean green Slytherins” in my fashion diaries!

All about your superpower: The most fascinating aspect of any superhero merch is that it invariably makes you a part of the “IT league”. If you don’t believe it, check out The Avengers Initiative range on the e-platform and choose your might heroes like Captain America, Iron-Man, Thor, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Hulk, Spider-Man, Doctor Strange, Captain Marvel, and others, who came together to save the world. When I opted for the Avengers: Initiative hoodie in black with neon orange details, I couldn’t help but wonder if I automatically upgraded my “cold-resistant” power shield for this weather. Not just in Delhi, but I wore this jacket to my recent trip to Himachal Pradesh, and it did a fairly good job to protect me from cold winds without making me feel stuffed. This would be my highly recommended product for its upscale design and multi-functional use.

Disney delights: A shopping haul from a comic-inspired clothing brand is incomplete if you haven’t picked your favourite Disney character. While I opted for this cute Daisy Duck: Heart Breaker sweatshirt dress, I was sure that this little number is also coming with me for my summer vacations. The cool blue backdrop imprinted with Daisy Duck’s cheerful expression is just what we need on dull gloomy days. Oh, and the full sleeves are a blessing when it’s a cold night and all you need is to be wrapped around something soft and cozy.

(The products in the collaboration review are courtesy: The Souled Store)