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There are two kinds of people in the world –  pink friendly and strictly anti-pink; and, if you happen to be a big fan of pink then this is your time to shine. The Millennial Pink (aka Tumblr pink) is all over the place and millennial kids just can’t get enough of it. While brands are experimenting with variations in this colour palette, we tell you some amazing reasons to stick to this shade for Fall-Winter 2018.


1.  Unisex: Millennial Pink is a cheeky way to blur traditional societal concepts of gender is not restricted to one gender anymore. Boy or Girl — anyone can wear it in 2018, and look absolutely COOL. Unisex brands are making outfits, bags, cosmetics, phone covers and accessories and it’s also getting popular as bread spreads and yogurts.

2. 50 shades of Awesome: Millennial pink is a bright tone of powder pink and displays power and glory. It is the colour of today’s generation. It is androgynous enough to break stereotypes and appeal to (and suit) both sexes. Wear it as blush sneakers or soft pink skirts, polo tees or even well-fitting trousers and you’ll be an instant hit.

3. Hot Favourite: Pink can be paired with neutrals, monochrome shades and in the same family too. Although shades like mint green, rustic orange, lavender and mango yellow are here to challenge the monopoly, but pink is here to stay for a few more seasons. Pink is very soothing to the eyes and looks really amazing on Indian skin and hair colour tones. To enhance the look, one can pair it with grey and black. When pairing with Indian wear, match it with tones of gold and basic browns and get noticed for your style.

So choose from a range of pink shades that are commonly known as blush, salmon, baby pink, peach, etc. and remember to keep it simple and neutral. Pair it with white, brown, darker shades of pink and even other pastel shades to make a statement.


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