What Makes A Bag The Most Coveted Gift? A Quick Guide On How To BAG IT

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This holiday season was a busy time – juggling work and parties are not easy my lovelies, but I have been managing it pretty well so far. The best thing about this time of the year is the non-stop dos and invites that flood your social calendar – and, like I have always maintained that with great parties come great responsibilities. So, if you are going for any social do, make sure you put your best foot forward and carry a gift for your host without fail. And, speaking of gifts, my all-time favourite gifting option is a bag – this is one accessory that works for both men and women and is a win-win for all age groups.

This time, we collaborated with a fashion and lifestyle brand Lino Perros to explore the latest bag trends for the season, and establish our theory on why bags are the best gift ever! Now, Lino Perros is a brand that believes in workmanship and play of colours on chic designs, so you’ll be surprised the see the number of options you’ll find here for very reasonable prices. For AW 2017-18, you should check their cover changing bags that are absolutely value for money.

All bags from Lino Perros

Anyhow, coming back to our bag gifting guide, the first thing we look at while choosing a bag is who is going to wear the bag? Always choose a bag depending on the age, profession, and personality of the person who will be carrying the bag. A safe bet is a work bag, which is both functional and beautiful and can be carried to work as well as to a party without looking awkward. Colours such as navy blue, white, red, tan or rose gold are good options in this category. A big tote or a stylish handbag with a spacious slot is a good idea for a work bag.

If you are looking for a party bag, don’t just go by the design – do check out space and zippers in the accessory to tuck in things that you might need for a night out. My favourite kind of bag for going out is a sling bag or a clutch with tiny slots to keep party essentials handy. If you like, you can also go for small totes in unusual colours like powder blue, gold, silver or glossy pink and orange to make a sweeping statement with this accessory.

For those who swear by trends, fringe details in suede and leather work best for a boho-chic look. Whereas, for the younger ones a shiny metallic shade never fails to impress. If you are picking a bag to highlight quirkiness then you must go for unusual designs in contrast colours and patterns. While neutral, earthy shades like mauve, salmon pink, teal green and camel brown are good for those who are looking for everyday options.

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I hope this quick introduction to how and why of choosing a bag for gift proved to be a useful read for you guys. Keep it up with us for more interesting fashion trends in 2018. Happy holiday guys, may you find your perfect arm candy with Lino Perros.


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