A Different Kind of Molecular Science With Flavourful Experiments On Your Platter

Molecule — Air Bar in Gurgaon offers a great variety of food and drinks with a twist in taste


jyoti vashisth

By Jyoti Vashisth

Recently, I visited a fancy little place called Molecule-Air Bar with my friends for dinner, and it was an absolutely delightful experience to find this incomparable place among all of the spots in sector-29 Gurgaon. While I was awestruck while noticing the props used for decoration around, my friends pointed out that the theme here is influenced by World War II and science. How cool is that? Science and history fans, pay attention!

This place started a year ago in December and is a popular spot among party goers and foodies for its creative menu. We got a really warmheartedly welcomed by the manager Mr Sameer, who has been working here since the launch of the place, and as soon as I got inside I could see lots of people were already chilling with their buddies. The place was buzzing with peppy live music and I could notice happy foodies having a gala time.

Firstly, we were served tall glasses of delectable mocktails named Gold medallist (strawberry mixed with seltzer) and 3 to tango (tinge of lemon and mint). Both the drinks kick started our food journey and pumped up the mood after a long day at work. Highly recommended for people who want to catch up for drinks post-work. The taste was blissful, and we couldn’t wait to see what was coming next — a dish dubbed Samosa 2.0 (small samosas stuffed with succulent honey chilly potato)  — a tangy combination, indeed!

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Next, we tried out a rich pizza topped with tomato, capsicum, mayo and crunchy onions — a must-have when you are out with friends. Then I was surprised to see the beautifully done Golden brown fish and chips decorated on the plate with a dip. The fish was battered really well and was fried enough to make my taste buds happy. The sauce went with the fried fish absolutely well.

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If you like vegetarian food, Mediterranean bhaji is a must have at this place for some homely comfort food. These are basically deep fried pakoras stuffed with potato and onion served with a red chilly sauce with a sweet tinge.

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We ended the meal with an inviting gulab jamun cheesecake, sweet enough and topped with chocolate rabri and pistachio dust on top to make you feel on seventh heaven after the first bite!  Oh! in case you are a smoker, you’ll be surprised by mind-blowing vape flavours if you are in a mood to smoke, and you can try out X on the beach, double apple or mint.

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I was really satisfied with this meal, and the staff’s hospitality really impressed me. The price I’d say is nominal enough to gift you happiness in the end. You can also check out the Air bar if you want to enjoy your meal under the stars with your friends or partner, the place offers sitting of around 150 people at a time. Charges to book the place for 50 people vary from 1250-2800 (per person) including drinks.


(The writer is a food enthusiast, student, working girl and loves to cook in her free time) 


  1. Dhruv says:

    Another perfect one 😊 it’s nice too.. well explained, thank you keep blogging 😊

  2. Akki says:

    Nice…the way you’ve written is like I’m feeling full without tasting the items..well explained…keep blogging dear😊

  3. Aditya bansal says:

    Perfect blog…. Nicely written… I have also visited the place and it’s awesome experience

  4. Reji poulose says:

    Wow it was a foodie ride. My mouth has almost watering. Awesomely penned. Beautiful one

  5. Reji poulose says:

    Wow it was a foodie ride. My mouth has almost watering. Awesomely penned. Beautiful one. ♥️

  6. unknown says:

    This is straight from the heart as always.
    your writing skill is improving day by day.
    people can feel the aroma in your writing.

  7. Uday singh thapa says:

    The writer creates an emphasis on the whole perception which asks to be created again and again when a word or description is served in the platter. Nice to feel writing.

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