Finery Wrapped With Fearlessness For MJ Couture

The 10th edition of India Couture Week 2017 has already started and we are damn excited to see what will be the biggest trends for the season. We have handpicked some of our favourite names from Indian fashion to give you their take on modern Indian couture. The next in the  ‘Know your designer’ series is designer Monisha Jaising, who will be showcasing her collection ‘Opera’ on July 28, 2017 at Taj Palace.

Monisha Jaising’s couture collection Opera will be showcased at India Couture Week 2017

JB: Please tell us something about your new collection. We have seen some really cool bridal trends from MJ couture line in past, like the rebel bride and the cruise bride etc, what should we be expecting this time?
MJ: My collection is inspired by the “Opera”, having been to the Opera in the past, the inspiration was triggered by the fond memory of the Opera house flowing with people in their finery. I find the whole process of displaying this finery starting from the entrance, walking up the palatial stairways, to the seating area to be exceptionally enticing!

JB: As a designer, what are the top 3 qualities that you look for in a couture ensemble?
MJ: Elegance, femininity and sophistication with a touch of fearlessness!

JB: If you could change one thing about traditional bridal wear in India, what would it be?
MJ: A bride who doesn’t confine herself to traditional norms and brings forth her true self on her wedding day. Be self-reliant, untamed, and make your own rules. Be a sporty bride by wearing a lightweight lehenga with minimal jewellery and converse shoes, if you so please!

JB: What is your take on the current handloom revolution in Indian fashion?
MJ: There is a revival of traditional handlooms and the future definitely looks very promising! We should promote Indian artisans and weavers and be supportive in all its entirety. I am very optimistic about the market for handloom!

JB: How do you define luxury when it comes to fashion? Would you say that using all things expensive/rare to make an outfit makes it luxurious or is it the art and design that makes it bespoke?
MJ: It’s surely the inspiration and aesthetics behind creating a bespoke piece, without any story or inspiration an outfit is insignificant! It should also appease to a client’s need, make he or she feel content with the outcome!

Here’s a preview of Ms Jaising’s upcoming couture line: