Top Five Gadgets To Get Your Music Game On Point, Pop Star Arjun Kanungo Recommends


By Arjun Kanungo


Not your regular geek boy

I’ve always been a sort of a geek. I was 12 when my mum got me the first Intel Pentium computer which I remember had 16 MB ram. Pentium MMX technology. I was so excited that I don’t think I left the desk for a couple of days. And then I got into software and programming in a big way. I started my first company which designed websites when I was 15. Made a fair bit of money even! I think ever since then, I’ve had a fascination with tech. When I was 18, I started my own recording studio and I’ve spent most part of 18 and 19 obsessing on microphones, preamplifiers, compressors, limiters and all sorts of studio gadgets.

I’m not an Apple fanboy per say but I have all the Apple gadgets, including a Mac Pro, an iPad, a Mac Book Pro and an iPhone. I also have some windows gadgets in my recording studio. My go to microphone in the studio is a Neumann u87 and Shure Sm7b. My favourite pair of headphones is the AKG K701. Recently I’ve been fascinated with the progress Tesla has made to commercialise solar. There are quite a few Indian companies doing the same. I’m also in the process of installing a grid-connected solar system at home. On my wishlist right now is the Tag Heuer Connected smart watch.

Arjun’s Tech Take on music gadgets

Arjun Kanungo

– First off, if you’re a singer and a music lover, a good recording microphone is very important. If you have a texture that sounds good on most microphones, you’re lucky, but the correct microphone greatly increases the quality of your voice recordings. This would differ from person to person.

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– I would recommend a good pair of noise-cancelling earphones, like the Bose QuietComfort 20. Because sometimes you just want to block the whole world out.

– If you travel a lot like me, you should definitely look at a good portable speaker. My pick is the JBL Flip 4.

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– If you’re a serious audiophile and really care about the quality of your music, consider getting a DAC (digital to audio converter) which is like a USB stick you can plug your headphones into. It significantly improves the quality of sound as opposed to plugging your headphones into the headphones jack of your computer. I would recommend the Audioquest Dragonfly.

– And, last but not least, stop listening to bootleg mp3s off the internet! Subscribe to a premium streaming service like Apple music or if you’re patriotic Saavn or Hungama. There’s no point in using the best gadgets in the world if the quality of the recordings you’re listening to has been ripped, bootlegged or compromised!


(The writer is an Indian Pop artist, composer, actor and technology lover. Click here to watch his music videos.) 

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