Keep Your Skin Happy, Follow These Simple Tips — A Cosmetologist’s Advice For Dummies  

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Someone once told me that our skin is the most honest organ – what you put inside, it shows outside. Anytime you are stressed, undernourished or careless with hygiene, your skin doesn’t take much time to show the ill effects of what’s wrong inside your system.

Priyanka Tyagi, MD at SCLC

Interestingly, a few weeks back I had a very insightful session about skin issues with an expert cosmetologist and aesthetician, Priyanka Tyagi, who is also the MD at SCLC (Santhoshii Cosmetology & Laser Clinic) in Defense Colony, Delhi. She mentioned how a lot of young as well as old people visit her clinic for treatments such as skin polishing, hydra facial spa and oxygen therapy that are affordable and keeps the skin healthy.

When asked if there is a certain age that one should start visiting a dermatologist, she replied, “One should take good care of their skin and follow a regime to keep it fresh and healthy;  however, if there is a constant problem of acne, dryness, allergy etc at any age then a visit to a good skin clinic is must. Anti-aging treatments are very popular with the adults, who work in stressful jobs and have lifestyle issues, whereas younger people often come for treating hormonal breakouts and scars etc.”

Ms Tyagi, who has been working in the field of skin science for a decade, is currently pursuing advance aesthetic procedures and has bought some renowned skincare brands in India for cosmetic treatments. She studied engineering in cosmetics for formulations and has a PhD in nanotechnology, and later finished her degree as a cosmetologist. She says, “In India, the top three skins of people living in cities are pigmentation (due to pollution, sun exposure), breakouts (due to an unhealthy lifestyle, stress, pollution, wrong eating habits) and ageing signs like wrinkles and dark circles.”

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At the SCLC, one can also get some international skin procedures done using non-invasive techniques. Speaking about the latest facilities available at the clinic, Ms Tyagi says, “Our latest addition to the clinic is the Hobot technology, which is a pure Oxygen Chamber that revives the entire system, enhances detoxification action and is extremely good for the skin. We have a special equipment for grey hair reduction with the laser which otherwise is not available. Grey hair is a major problem with the lasers since they can’t target them but we have brought in a technology which efficiently reduces its growth. Our body shaping treatments are also one of its kind where we combine 5 different technologies from Germany and Spain to give a long-lasting and healthy body shaping treatment. We also have the best machines for non-surgical procedures like Ultherapy (to naturally lift, tone and tighten your skin using safe, time-tested ultrasound technology).”

At SCLC, find the perfect treatment for your skin ailment under profession guidance

For someone like me, who loves being outdoors and swim in chlorinated waters throughout the summer, the expert suggested skin lightening treatments like facial and blackhead removal at the clinic. To my surprise, it showed instant effects and I could feel my skin softer and brighter after the first session. And, even after a month, I can vouch for the super after-effects that I felt after the treatment and would highly recommend it to my readers who are looking for safe skin procedures from trained skin experts. Here’s a quick clip of my visit for skin consultation at SCLC:

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For those, who are looking for easy and doable tips to take care of their skin, here a few golden rules that Ms Tyagi wants you to follow without fail:

  1. Eat well, detox your system periodically, stay in a hygienic atmosphere. Drink lot of water, eat fresh fruits, sleep well, have a healthy and disciplined lifestyle.
  2. Follow proper skin care regime of CTMP- cleansing, toning, moisturizing, protecting. Change your skin care routine as per the season and age requirement.
  3. Do visit a dermatologist / cosmetologist once every season change. Do not take OTC drugs for skin. Never ignore a reaction on your skin. See a dermatologist immediately.


Last but not the least stay happy, your thoughts reflect on your skin!

Too lazy to read? Watch the skin expert from SCLC giving a quick lowdown on skin care:


(PS: If you want to visit SCLC and meet a skin specialist note the details:

Address: C-133, Chetna Marg, Block C, Defence Colony, Delhi

Phone: 011 -4104 6677)

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