The Grand Venice mall

By Deep Guha 

It is said that the actual city of Venice is sinking by an inch every year, but here’s a tribute that will make it immortal for those who haven’t seen it for real. The Grand Venice is India’s first Venetian-theme based mega tourist destination, which is now open in the capital. The mall is located in Greater Noida (Delhi-NCR) and it brings to life a perfect blend of magic, mystery and romance with its architecture that resembled the beautiful city of Venice in Italy.
Spread across 3.2 million square feet, this mall is amongst the biggest and prettiest malls of Delhi, NCR. If you are bored of looking at same buildings and sky scrapers, here’s something you should visit for a change of sight.

Here are our top five reasons to head to this magical spot this weekend:

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Marvel at the Venetian Architecture

Imagine a replica of Leaning Tower of Pisa inside a mall and that’s not just it, each and every corner of the Grand Venice has been crafted to resemble the city of Venice, including a replica of the Rialto Bridge.
Make sure you carry your camera and smartphones while visiting it as you will be surrounded by beauty and selfie spots.

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Go for a Gondola Ride

No need to buy tickets to Venice if reliving the nostalgic “Do lafzon ki hai” boat ride is in your bucket list. This place has water canals with wonderful lights surrounding it. As soon as the Gondola ride begins, the vibes get surreal and the Italian opera songs take you into another dimension. A ride around the mall takes approx. 15 minutes which will be unforgettable indeed.

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Eat at Terrazzo — a fabulous food court with Indian and international food outlets

The biggest food court of NCR expands more than 50,000 sqft and has the capacity of around 1300. Fine dining family zones look very pretty and will be attracting a plethora of food enthusiasts. Restaurants like Kareem’s, Dakshin Express, Long noodles, Moti Mahal, Chicago Pizza and Bikgane Biryani will make sure to satisfy your taste buds. Upcoming brands like Rolls King and Thaliwala will be starting operations soon, so don’t wait too long!

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Watch out for Events and Festivals

Rang Manch- Traditional folk dancers, musicians and street theatre artists will be performing at regular intervals, so make sure you don’t miss out on any updates. World food festival will be taking place here very soon, stay updated on that!

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Movie magic at Cinepolis

After a good boat ride and scrumptious food, a movie to end a perfect evening is like a dream come true. The owners have made sure that everyone gets his/ her share of entertainment and so a Movie Zone has been created for movie lovers. The hall area is also accentuated with architectural elements from Venice and is undoubtedly beautiful to look at.


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