Love In Times Of The Internet? Five Red Flags To Watch Out For Before You Say Yes

A still from the movie 'Dear Zindagi', where Alia Bhatt uses Tinder to find love. (pic for representation)
A still from the movie ‘Dear Zindagi’, where Alia Bhatt uses Tinder to find love. (pic for representation)

He swiped right, she swiped right and BAM ! their souls matched. Beautiful thought, isn’t it? But hey don’t be fooled as love in times of the Internet is not so simple as it looks.

Welcome to 2016, where love is on fire and most online lovers are ready to jump in. When they say ‘How deep is your love’ they mean quite literally, and if you find that in bad taste maybe you need a chill pill.

There’s not much we can do because we are living through our smartphones and we are expected to love smart. While so many good, bad, funny and sad stories from Tinderland make headlines each day, here are five commandments that will help you sail through the virtual matrix.

1.First things first, don’t be a fool in love. Especially when it is online! Everything you see isn’t true, always remember beauty plus and photoshop apps exist on every phone! Screen those perfect smiles that are not-so-perfect in real life. Fake photos are a big no-no.


2. When you ask them for their Facebook id (or any other social id for that matter!) and they reply ‘I am not active on Facebook.’ That’s your cue to dump that person right away. (Duh! If you are not on Facebook how the hell are you registered on Tinder?)
Hint: If he/she does not want to make you a part of his/her online circle, so you tell them to eff off!


3. Someone wise said all that glitters is not gold, and darlin’, all those bragging posts about #luxelife could be another honey trap. Don’t fall for everything he/she promises, check your facts and then proceed.


4. Never. Never ever, exchange compromising pictures on the Internet. You don’t want to take chance with your reputation and if you are being forced to do that, just block that person right away. Nudie hoarders are not worth any body’s time.


5. When he/she appears online and likes every Tom, Dick and Harry posts but treats you like an invisible entity, you better get your game on point. How to fix it? Put up a sizzling new profile picture of yourself, delete that person and never bother to look back.


Lastly, if you feel you really are attracted to your online mate don’t rush into things. Pause. Breathe. Go offline. At least for some time, don’t respond and wait. Let them trace you, or at least attempt to find out about your existence. This will give you time to think about the real vs virtual world, and maybe you’ll get all the answers about where is it going.

Until then, happy swiping!


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