A Berry-licious Experience For Youthful Skin

organic-harvest_-masseuscious-copyIn any beauty section of a shop, we always look for that one perfect product that can magically vanish our skin problems without burning a hole in our pockets. Well, maybe I have finally found an all-rounder product from the ‘Organic Harvest’ basket that is not only super safe for sensitive skin but also fun to use.

organic-harvest_-masseuscious-copy-1I came across the  innovative and organic ‘Masseuscious’ at the Berry Bloggers meet held in Delhi a few weeks back. The interesting beauty product which is a combination of a damage control cleanser and a masseuse is designed for women who love to pamper their skin with natural goodness.

The bottle of this unique cleanser comes with an integrated cleansing brush made of ultra-soft and flexible silicon bristles attached at the top of the nozzle. Each bottle is priced at INR 1,495 and contains active ingredients like Aqua, Organic Acai berry extract, Organic decyl glucoside, Organic cocoamphodiacetate, Olive oil and liquid shea butter.

On a lazy day, when you don’t want to go through the whole effort of applying a face mask, scrub and wash face, this is something that will come in handy for you. Well, it quite easy to use as one dab of the acai berry cleanser can be spread easily over your skin and with the help of the brush it creates a soft foam that can be washed with cold or luke warm water.

Here’s how you do it !

While you delicately massage your skin, the active solution cleans and exfoliates the skin to keep the skin impurities at bay. Ladies, you can carry this portable skin cleaner and masseuse anywhere you like and enjoy your own personal skin therapy anytime, without any hassle.


If you have tried this or have something similar in your cabinet, do let us know in the comments section below.

Keep shining !



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