Fashion Week — Reality Vs Expectation

Picture for representation from AIFW SS17
Picture for representation from AIFW SS17


Sometimes in life, one has to put a full stop to the imagination and get real, and if you are attending a Fashion Week it’s highly recommended that you better be a real deal or you’ll get an unexpected reality check (we wouldn’t ever wish that on our enemies!).

Though, we just attended the most awesome fashion event of the year — the Amazon India Fashion Week Spring-Summer 17 by FDCI — we can’t stop thinking about the ‘Real vs Expected’ fashion moments that we witnessed at this high-end extravaganza from October 12 to 16.

Sorry to break a few hearts but we feel that it’s high time we break some myths around Fashion Week, so here goes the list of our top concerns.

High heels Vs Boring flats

So mostly people who attend Fashion Week are not new to the fashion industry, then why do they wear uncomfortable heels and limp? It’s really tragic when you spot a lovely looking woman in high heels looking miserable because she got a shoe bite! But, such is life and that’s why it is so important to stick to your tried and tested sole-mates!

Model behaviour Vs Wannabe-aspirants

Now it’s the job of a professional model to be a certain body-type so he/she can do justice to designer clothes on the runway. However, at the Fashion Week, you’ll end up meeting a lot of people with strange eating disorders because they want to ape the “models”. That’s quite dangerous if you ask me, and TBH it doesn’t even matter how ‘model-like’ you appear to people because of no matter how hard you try someone else is doing it better than you and that’s why they are on the runway and you are not! Get the hint, please eat well !

Designer wear Vs Disaster wear

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Yes, we understand its fashion week and you can’t wait to express your inner Lady Gaga, but clearly my darlings some of you are doing it all wrong. While the carnal rule of fashion says that you need to pick clothes that suit you body-type then why do we end up seeing walking rag dolls at the Fashion Week? Not everyone who comes to the Fashion Week is a celebrity so we can’t even blame it on the stylists, but some people really need help in that department.

How Sick is that! Vs I’m sick, stay away

Blame it on the weather or whatever you say, but sick people at fashion weeks are constants season after season. I have attended more than 20 Fashion Weeks so far and every year I end up meeting some people who look like walking zombies because they are “unwell.” It’s absolutely human to fall sick, but for heaven’s sake don’t spread the germs by hugging and kissing everyone when you know you are walking ball of contamination! Really, just keep your hands off people if you know that you are on meds and go see a doctor instead of attending shows. And, no free drinks for you.

Maybe Fashion Weeks are not as dreamy as they may sound but they are definitely occasions worth remembering, and if you are given a chance to attend one, never ever miss a chance!


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  1. Aakarshan
    October 18, 2016 at 10:52 PM

    Makes sense to me. Well written 👍🏽

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