Month: October 2016

Lets reclaim Diwali by lighting up these special diyas

Indians love their festivals more than anything else in the world and what better proof than Diwali. In most countries lighting crackers could get you behind the bars but we have an entire day dedicated to fireworks and lights, and people complain about freedom! Lately, social media is full of anti-Diwali posts and that’s so unfair to people who actually… Read more →

Why educating a girl child will make this world a better place?

This year the International Day of the Girl Child (observed on 11 October) coincided with Dussehra – a festival that celebrates various goddesses in Hindu mythology, and especially in Northern India young girls are worshipped in many households as part of the celebrations. However, do we actually value our girls? In a country of over 1.2 billion people, how many… Read more →

Dummy’s guide for India’s biggest fashion fete — Amazon India Fashion Week S/S 2017 edition

Ladies and gents, a lot of you love fashion and everything to do with it but how many of you are well aware of the nitty gritty’s involved? Well, fret not as we are here to guide you through the complex, quirky world of Indian fashion. The dates for the biggest fashion extravaganza — Amazon India Fashion Week S/S 2017… Read more →

From ordinary ingredients to extraordinary amuse bouche – redefining the art of cuisine

As a food trend, molecular mixology has been doing the rounds in top kitchens but it takes a true foodie to get it right, and who better than Jiggs Kalra (a.ka. tastemaker to India) to lead the way. Taking the finest and simplest ingredients from the wide Indian cuisine and shaking it up with interesting spices and herbs – the… Read more →