A ‘dash’ of technology that will change the way you’ll look at the food menu

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A dish served at Depot 48, shot by DASH
A dish served at Depot 48, shot by DASH

Reading a menu to order food is so passé, it’s time to watch what you gonna eat (like literally)! Won’t it be wonderful if we could see the making of the food before placing an order? A lot of embarrassment and confusion — averted.

Often frequent travelers and food enthusiasts face a dilemma of what to eat when they have to choose dishes from an unknown food menu — remember the time when someone ordered a ‘Bombay duck’ thinking it would be a bird but it turned out to be a fish — bummer!

And, that’s why you must check out the latest app called DASH to see the menu items before you decide what’s coming on your platter. This food app has some amazing ‘fideos’ aka food videos of 10-15 seconds that will give you a quick lowdown of what’s your dish about – so watch the items on the menu and select your food like it’s no big deal.

Monica Narula and-Gunjan Mehrish, co-founders, DASH
Monica Narula and-Gunjan Mehrish, co-founders, DASH

This amazing app is the brainchild of two former NDTV executives — Monica Narula and Mr Gunjan Mehrish, who associated with Paris-based independent Journalist Noopur Tiwari to come up with this unique digital solution for food lovers.

The app has already been launched in a few elite eateries of New Delhi where guests can preview the smart videos of the dishes listed on the menu. The founders of the app mention that they plan to take this technology to other local and international restaurants, where foodies can get a fair idea of the dish that they have never eaten before.

While chatting with the founders we learned that this app enables the user to choose the category of food and browse intelligently once they feed their preferences – great relief for vegetarians, who face food issues in a foreign land.

Next time you go to a fancy restaurant and feel hesitant about what you plan to eat, fret not! Ask for a #DASH menu and swipe left, right and centre before you make up your mind.

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PS: we leave with you a fun clip of what not to do when you are confused and hungry !

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