Month: September 2016

Discover the coolest way to send gifts for your yaar ki shaadi

So your friends are getting married this year and you still haven’t figured out what are you gifting them yet? Well, we have found out a perfect solution to your gifting dilemma if you are planning to attend back-to-back weddings this year. We think the coolest way to go about gifting could be via a wedding gift registry portal, and the efficient folks… Read more →

When art and fashion shared space in a mutual appreciation club

A few months back we told you about the journey of designer Vidhi Singhania , who caught our attention for her amazing work in Indian fashion. The designer, who spoke to us extensively about the revival the Kota and Benarsi weave during our first interaction, recently hosted another interesting exhibit with erstwhile Princess Nandini Singh of Jhabua (Madhya Pradesh) to pay homage… Read more →

A ‘dash’ of technology that will change the way you’ll look at the food menu

Reading a menu to order food is so passé, it’s time to watch what you gonna eat (like literally)! Won’t it be wonderful if we could see the making of the food before placing an order? A lot of embarrassment and confusion — averted. Often frequent travelers and food enthusiasts face a dilemma of what to eat when they have… Read more →