Dipped in colours of spring, a perfect disguise for summer

Imagine if one can play dress up each day and wake up as whatever they want to be! Well, literally it might seem a little far-fetched dream, but metaphorically it is quite possible. And, of course fashion is one medium that can enable you to disguise into your mood without any major hassle. When we met Kolkata- based

Abhishek Roy
Abhishek Roy

designer Abhishek Roy, this is what he mentioned about his multi-faceted label Bohurupi (which means a clever impersonator that can play a million roles without getting caught).

The designer will be showcasing his first runway collection this year at the India Runway Week in Delhi this weekend, and he excitedly spoke to us about his collection “Dawn of Spring 2016”. He mentions, “I started my label Bohurupi by Roy in the year 2015 after completing my Masters of Fine Arts in Textile Design from Kalabhavan, Santiniketan. My forte is wearable clothes for both men and women in natural fabrics and I want to promote Indian handloom and handicrafts through my designs.”

Speaking about his recent S/S collection, he mentions, “We have used natural and organic cotton, khadi and jute fabrics to create this line. The inspiration is Spring time, so the colour palette is lemon yellow, white, mint green and shades of brown. In silhouettes, we have played with asymmetric layers and ecstatic prints for both men and women. The price range starts from INR 3,000 and goes upto INR 12,000 for shirts, tunics, dresses, trousers etc.”

To know more about this line,  make sure you get a front row seat to witness his first runway debut at IRW’16.

~ JB

Bohurupi's S/S 16 womenswear
Bohurupi’s S/S 16 womenswear


Bohurupi S/S16 Menswear
Bohurupi S/S16 Menswear

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