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Since it is the season of discriminations and discussions (or the lack of it aka intolerance), sometimes i wonder if there has to be a thumb rule to get it right. If we have an unwritten code of discrimination left for us by our learned ancestors then maybe this is the right time to legalise it and put it in black and white so no one gets hurt. How we miss the old barbaric times when the strongest in the herd was the only lawmaker; i think they call it dictatorship in some cultures but that’s been a tested formula that still works with many species. The theory of democracy has no business in animal kingdom, and please don’t mind me calling a spade a spade but ultimately we all do suffer from herd mentality.

So coming back to the original subject, most people in the world go through some or the other form of discrimination on basis of their caste (lower, upper, sub-human, super human etc), skin colour (white, black, yellow, brown, mixed, tanned), State of origin (bihari, punjabi, madrasi, american, african etc), gender (man, woman, gay, lesbian), religion (of course we all know that one) and an endless list. Surprisingly it exists even in the smallest units of civilisation (even in a family of four or a small work space everyone has favourites based on whatever classification!). Apparently most of us excel in the art of discrimination, and some people have even made a business out of it. Some shinning examples are political parties, education institutions, professional services and quite possibly everything under the sun.

No matter how much “under developed” the world thinks we are, we will only follow what we was passed on to us without questioning the logic behind it. Talk about culture eh! Currently, we are only nation that can boast of a functional ‘divide and rule’ policy — all these years of accumulated prejudice against people from different religion is not easy to sustain after all. And, of course we top it with all kinds of reservation politics because financial support for ‘Below Poverty Line’ is oh-so-mainstream! How can we just educate the poor\handicapped\underprivileged folks and give them free aid and financial support to pursue degrees and other professions? We have to make other people hate them first, and hence lets ask to produce a caste certificate and put them in a quota. I am sure this is what they were expecting when reservation in the name of caste was conceptualized. Maybe the reserved area under sunlight, skies or distribution of breathing air is still under consideration, but hey this could be the next big thing!

In a country of 1.3 billion and counting (*2016 population statistics), it is hard to argue on logic alone because eventually everything boils down to money. And, maybe that’s why it is high time that we stop wearing all other kinds of disguise in the name of culture, color and religion, and just follow the global discrimination law based on your bank balance. If you have to be a hypocrite at least maintain a global standard! Afterall, money begets money and that’s something that should be on the top of our national agenda, while other primitive biases can wait.

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