Perfect picturesque world

Slowly as i opened my eyes i felt a sharp, throbbing pain in my head and some where in the backdrop a beautiful soft melody played in my ears. I think it was la vie en rose, and far away i could hear sound of tinkling bells in sync. I looked at myself, I was dressed in a white satin ball gown and lace gloves. Was i at a wedding? Am i a bride? Where was i?
I looked around and i saw a rusty tower, it looked like Eiffel tower — the eternal symbol of love. All around me were perfectly shaped snow flakes floating like delicate feathers, and they sparkled like bright diamonds when rainbow coloured lights fell on them. Everything was perfect, like a scene from a classic movie.
I noticed a pair of big, brown eyes looking curiously at me. Before i could say anything, she pulled a key and the same tune played again. Like an involuntary reflex i was twirling again and my world was spinning.
I was a doll in a crystal ball, and every time someone shook my world I sparkled some more. I lived in a snow globe, a magical place where time is on a standstill. Outside the crystal glass, people clap in joy when i twirl and that’s pretty much my life. Why did i agree to be inside these guarded walls? Well, long back i stashed my heart in a safe and i thought i would never be hurt again. This was my perfect little hideout. Although, little did i know that from that day onward i would live in constant hope that someone will one day shake things up for me, break these glass walls and set me free. You know hope is a dangerous emotion — it hurts worse when you most hopeful and that feeling never ends. I lost all my emotions but I couldn’t stop hoping. And, here i am praying each day to break these glass walls and be free from the perfect world that kills me inch by inch.



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