Culinary trail at Oktoberfest


By Deep Guha 

Dear lovely people it is Oktoberfest time and like every year a lot of travellers and foodies from all across the world will be gathering in the city of Munich to enjoy the guzzling and madness. We were told that this year around 6 million visitors are expected to invade the city of Munich to relish the majestic beer that will be oozing out from each and every corner. Though  Hefeweissen ( wheat beer), Schwarzbier ( black beer ) and Pilsner in the one liter mugs are the bestsellers, the legendary drinking games, amusement rides and beautiful German girls in traditional outfits will give you an unforgettable experience. But according to me, this 205 years old Bavarian festival has much more to offer than just sweet salacious alcohol. I have visited Oktoberfest trice in my lifetime and the only thing that still keeps seducing the foodie in me is the taste of their time-honored delicacies. Sausages and pretzels are the first things that come to my mind when I think about Germany or Oktoberfest, but let’s talk about some lesser known grubs that one must try while enjoying the festival.

  • Schweinhaxe ( XXL Pork ) :pic 1 copy

Bavarian style roasted pork knuckles with a crispy skin and fork tender from inside. This perfectly seasoned ham hock is often served with sauerkraut (chopped pickled cabbage) and mashed potatoes or knoedels (boiled dumplings). The portion size is gigantic and one won’t be hungry for the whole day if you can finish it alone.


  • Dampfnudel ( Bread Dumpling ) :pic 2 copy

Don’t worry if you are a vegetarian.  This white bread roll served with vegetables and cheese will turn out to be an amazing main course. Add some vanilla sauce and kirche ( cherries ) to the roll, now you are having an amazing dessert to die for .

Gingerbread Hearts : pic 3 copyLooking for a souvenir or just in the mood of having some delicious gingerbread between beers, grab this without hesitation. Why won’t someone want to try something that says things like “ Ich liebe dich “ or “ Herzliche Glueckwuensch “ (I love you / Congratulations) or just keep them as memoirs of this festival along with the huge mugs which one is going to buy or steal anyways.

  • Strudel ( sweet puff patty ) :pic 4 copy

This layered pastry with an apple or milk cream filling will leave you in an Aww ! Everyone with a sweet tooth will be craving for it time and again as soon as it melts deliciously in your mouth.  A slightly salty pastry combined with apfelmus will definitely divert you from the long crepes stall waiting lines (You can thank us later for the tip ! )

Langos: pic 5 copyThough a Hungarian food speciality, this deep fried flat bread can be found in every corner. Served with cheese, sour crème, garlic and bacon stripes will win your heart for sure. This is like a different flavored pizza with “bhatura” as its base making it a must try for all the Indian palates.

(My special recommendation: Don’t miss the yummy XXL Bratwurst and the grilled chicken, they are to die for).

Maybe after gulping big mugs of Bavarian beers at the Oktoberfest you won’t remember much next morning, but the taste of these delicacies will be tickling your palates for a long-long time.

P.S. – Taking the amusement rides after all that eating and drinking is not going to be your best choice of the day. PROST !!

(The writer is a doctor turned aspiring chef, who considers food an art. After honing the skills in hospitality from several restaurants in Europe, he is currently residing in Delhi and pursuing hotel management and culinary science from IICA. A passionate cook and foodie, he has written about 200 restaurants of New Delhi in past six months. When not cooking or eating, he usually spends time composing songs on his guitar. To reach out to him mail us as





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