Shoe love from Italy

There is so much about Italian fashion that one can never get enough of it. Even though this tiny European country is home to some of the iconic brands that are famous all over the world, it is also the birth place of some other luxury labels that are only known to a select section. One such luxury brand Fabi (founded by Enrico Fabi) for M’escos has finally entered the Indian market with its first flagship opened in the capital.

The director and fashion consultant, Sameer Singh, gives us an exclusive insight on this shoe and accessory brand that aims to target the high class and upper-middle class of the country. As the brand caters to both men and women, the shoe ranges in both segments are worth a check. Sameer says, “It is a high end luxurious brand that manufactures exclusive leather shoes and bags according to the latest global trends. The entire Fabi family from Italy runs this shoe business and the head designer is Emanuele Fabi, who now designs these shoes. Fabi has 122 stores in the world and only one in India as of now. We might open one in Mumbai and Kolkata in coming months.”

He adds, “This brand is famous for its authentic Italian manufacture and craftsmanship. The current shoe line in stores now is the Spring-Summer 15 collection and it has some special silver and golden laser-cut pieces, designed especially for Indian women. For Autumn-Winter 2015 we are planning to get chic boots and ankle-length shoes, with black and gold details. We’ll also bring in a new range called ‘Fabi Fifty’, which will be dedicated towards the luxury section.”

Price for men’s range – Rs 14,000 to 26,000

Price for women’s range – Rs 15,000 to 35,000



Store Address: N 13, ground floor, south- ex 1


Sameer Singh of Fabi  (left top); The S\S 15 line in stores for men and women

Sameer Singh of Fabi (left top); The S\S 15 line in stores for men and women