Oh-Boho beauties !


A picture perfect boho queen by designer Anupama Dayal


There is something about summers that makes this season so beautiful — the generous dose of colours and never-ending options in clothing and accessories makes it my favourite time of the year. Anyhow, the interesting part is that when we have no dearth of options, how do we go about choosing the best and leaving the rest? Well, i say lets mix everything that you have in hand to create an entirely new look each time you face the dilemma of “what to choose from.” Curating a boho look is not as simple, there are three main things that you must never forget when you channel your inner gypsy queen. We give you a quick check.


Actress Deeksha Seth in designer Neha Agarwal’s latest collection, which takes inspiration from 1900s Russia

1.) Clothing: There is no set rule when it comes to mix and match, but one must remember not to overdo a single tone or print from top to bottom. While pairing a boho skirt with a crop top (or adding a dupatta to your dhoti pants and top) just keep the layering part clearly defined so that each piece of clothing stands out. There is no set rule of creating colour combinations, but stick to shades that gel well. Same goes with prints and patterns, don’t attempt a fashion harakiri by mixing spots and stripes. Rest is all fine 🙂


- Rs.6,800
Asymmetric georgette dress and jacket by designer Anuradha Ramam


2.) Accessories: A boho look is incomplete with right accessories. Think junk jewellery, metallic chains, silver jhumkas, mang tikkas and statement rings — a gypsy queen knows no bounds so you have a free hand and make good use of it. Avoid precious stones, pearls and diamonds to keep it simple and carefree. While choosing a bag, go for a cool leather satchel or mirror embroidered jholas. Your footwear should also go with your entire get up, so pick cool Kolhapuri chappals or flat gladiator sandals to stay comfortable.


Boho chic from ANK’ by Amrit Kaur


3.) Make-up: Clearly when you are so decked up from top to bottom, you need no extra ounce of colour on your face. Keep the make-up minimal, a good deep khol eyeliner with matt lipstick in natural tone would do just fine. Let your ensemble and attitude do the talking as make-up can take a back seat for this look. For hair, keep it natural or tie a scarf like a turban or a headband. If you have access then pin up a bright rose with a messy bun. Avoid all kinds of twinkling stuff and sparkly shades while you do you last touch-ups.

Hope you guys enjoy curating some interesting boho looks this summer!

~ JB

The Bohemian Whimsy by DIVA’NI





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