Month: May 2015

Shop, splurge, surf

While most of the people I have met lately are already hooked to online shopping, it took me some time to get the hang of this hoopla. Interesting, a friend who works with, asked me to try out shopping at this lifestyle website. At first i was little unsure because i like to touch and hold the things i shop, but this experience… Read more →

Sunny-Shady Affair

  It is said that when you look the world through rose-coloured glasses, things appear prettier. Now not only the rose-tinted glasses have this effect, but generally speaking any good pair of eyewear can do wonders to your look. We recently got a sneak preview of the Autumn Winter 2015 collections from various eyewear brands that are retailed in India under the… Read more →

Oh-Boho beauties !

    There is something about summers that makes this season so beautiful — the generous dose of colours and never-ending options in clothing and accessories makes it my favourite time of the year. Anyhow, the interesting part is that when we have no dearth of options, how do we go about choosing the best and leaving the rest? Well,… Read more →